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“Brian, you keep staring at my cock, are you a fag?”  John was a linebacker for the team.  A 6’-3” redhead who weighed 225 pounds, all of it muscle.  He was also hung like a horse.  I had only seen it soft in the locker room, but even limp it appeared to be eight inches long.  And it was always plump and thick.  I could not imagine how big it would get when he was aroused.  I admit that I had thought about it on occasion.  It was just the usual guy checking out other guys in the locker room, you know seeing what the other guys are packing.  But this time John caught me.  He and I were the last two in the showers; coach had made us run extra laps because we had shown up late for practice.  The shower room was a big long tiled space with a low tiled wall down the center and shower heads along the perimeter, there was one entry at the end of the room.  We were in the showers and John was washing his hair, he had his head tipped back, slightly arching his back and thrusting his crotch forward.  John was a couple of heads down from me on the same side of the room.  He was letting the hot water run down his body, I must have zoned out, because he called out my name and broke me out of my trance.  I was standing there opposite him and I was staring at his cock.  It had started to grow and harden.  As John called out my name I looked up at this face.  He had an evil grin on his face.  “Brian, you keep staring at my cock, are you a fag?”  I quickly turned to the wall and said “no way”.  Next thing I know he is standing right behind me and his hand is on my shoulder.  He spins me around and grabs my dick.  “You were staring at my cock and you have a hard on, I think you are a fag and I think you want my piece of meat.”  He puts some pressure on my shoulder and forces me to my knees.  The tile floor is cold and the hot water is now spraying directly on top of my head.  The water running down my face causes me to close my eyes.  I hear the water turned off and open my eyes to find my face within a few inches of John’s crotch.  His cock is now semi erect and over 9” long.  I look up and see him looking down at me, “Go on, you know you want to.  Open your mouth, lean forward and start sucking.”  As he says this I feel his hand on the back of my head pushing me closer to his cock.  He reaches down with his free hand and directs his cock toward my mouth.  Up close it looks huge; I can see some pre cum at the tip.  I feel the head of his cock rubbing against my mouth, smearing that drip of precum on my lips.  “Go on, Brian, open up”.  Almost as if I had been hypnotized, I open my mouth and feel the thick mushroom head of John’s cock slip between my lips.   I hear John let out a sigh of pleasure.  I feel more of his big dick sliding into my mouth.  It feels hard and soft at the same time.  When he reaches the back of my throat he reverses direction.  Very slowly at first, he starts pumping in and out of my mouth. The head of his cock is rubbing against my tongue; I can feel him pushing harder each time he reaches the back of my mouth. I know he is trying to get all nine and a half inches of his giant cock fully in my mouth by shoving it deeply into my throat.  “Come on Brian, you know you want the whole thing, open up and let me in.  You are a natural at this; my cock feels so good in your mouth.”  He starts thrusting faster and harder.  I feel tears well up in my eyes as he is opening up my throat with hard pounding thrusts of his thick boner.  His cock is fully rigid now and about 9 ½” long and it is surrounded by a thick bush of red pubes that keep mashing against my nose as he tries to get deeper in my mouth.  I find it difficult to breathe as he is fucking my face.  Thru the tears I can look up across his six pack abs and broad hairy chest to see the look of pleasure on his face.  He looks down at me and says “Alright dude, keep sucking on it, just a few more strokes and I will give you a huge creamy reward. Yea, just like that, take it all, keep it up and I will fill you with my seed.”  As he said these words, I realized that he intended to cum in my mouth, I started to pull away.  He placed his hands on the back of my head and held it in place.  I had not thought this thru, it was just an impulse thing, John looked so rugged and masculine, but I did not want him to shoot his ball juice down my throat.  Gripping my head in his oversized hands, John held me tightly in place while he skull fucked me.  “Don’t be trying to get away dude.  You gotta learn that if you let a man put his meat in your mouth he is going to cum there.  If you suck a guy’s dick and don’t swallow his spunk, you are just a tease.  Besides, I think we both know you really want to taste a warm and creamy jock load directly from my balls.  With that he pulled his hard, throbbing rod most of the way out of my mouth.  With just the head still inside my lips his cock started to twitch.  As the first spurt of cum hits my tongue and I could taste the salty sweetness of it.  He kept shooting, he must have shot eight or nine times, till his hot jizz was pooled in my mouth and dripping out the edges of my lips around his cock.  “That’s it, get a good taste of my sperm, and swish it around in your mouth.  Now swallow it Brian…you are now my personal cocksucker and you should have my nut inside of you always.”
As I sat there on my knees in front of him with the taste of his cum still in my mouth and his hot load in my stomach, he reached down and slid his big meaty hands under my armpits and lifted me to my feet.  I am no lightweight having played sports since I was a kid.  I am a well built 6’-0” tall football player, but John had a genetic advantage, he was huge, standing 6’-3” tall without an ounce of fat on him.  He roughly spun my around and tossed me up against the low wall in the center of the shower room.  I felt his hairy chest up against my back as he leaned into me from behind and whispered in my ear “I just shot my load your mouth and turned you into a cocksucker, now it’s time to pop your cherry and make you into a pussyboy”.  I could feel that huge cock of his rubbing on my ass cheek.  “Just relax and let big John open you up”.  I started to panic and tried to move away from him.  He grabbed my shoulder and held me in place.  ”Where are you going?  We’re not done yet.”  His left arm wrapped around my torso and he pulled me tight to him.  With his right hand he pushed on my shoulder and started bending me over the low wall.  I started pleading with him, “please stop…I am not a fag.  Just let me go”.  John chuckled, “of course you’re a fag, you just sucked a week’s worth of built up jizz straight from my balls”.  He moved his arm down my body and grabbed my dick.  “You are hard as a rock at the thought of my big ol’ cock sliding up your ass.  It is time for you to get a grip on reality and accept what you are… a faggot who exists to serve real men.  I am going to rape you and stretch your tight little virgin ass into a gaping hole made to pleasure my massive cock.  Then I will shoot a hot fucking load of my jock cum deep up inside you, completing your transformation from man to pussy boy cum slut. Once I have fucked you into submission, making you realize how desperately you want my dick, I will be able to bend you over and shove my cock in your holes anytime and anyplace I choose.  You can stop drinking those protein shakes at lunch; you will be getting all the protein you need…..shot directly from the source”.
“Now stop fighting me and take my dick”.  With that he leaned down and spit on my ass.  I could then feel his rock hard manhood start to push against my hole.   I instinctively clenched tight and tried to keep him out.  “Look Brian, you need to relax.  My dick is going up in you, get used to the idea.  It will hurt a lot less if you relax, but if you want to fight the inevitable, I can put 225 pounds of thrust behind it, ripping open your hole, and forcing my cock deep into you anyway.  
In the next thirty seconds your ass is going to be wrapped around my dick, it is far too late to change that.  Your only choice now is too accept what you are, a fag, and let me give you what you have been secretly craving since you first laid eyes on me and the other jock studs in the shower of the junior high locker room or I can forcibly take your hole and make you understand that you ass belongs to me and I will use it to pleasure myself whenever and however I choose.  Trust me you will be a lot happier if you let me slide my meat up in you willingly.  It is still going to hurt.  A cock as long and thick as mine will stretch out that tight little virgin hole further than you ever thought possible, but that’s something a fag like you needs to take.  “So just relax and let big John teach you how to take a fat cock deep up in your ass”.  Besides the longer this takes the more likely one of our teammates will need to shower.  You don’t want them to find you with a load of my jizz in your stomach and my meat filling your ass.
As he leaned over me with his hard slab of meat pushing between my cheeks he whispered in my ear “Part of being the guy who takes your virgin hole, stretching it out and showing you your new position in the locker room as a jock’s cumdump is that I have a responsibility to train you.  I need to open you up properly.  Over the course of your life you will be fucked by hundreds, or more likely thousands, of men.  What happens here this afternoon will help determine how good of a hole you will be and how much pleasure those men will take in shoving their fat cocks into you and plowing your cunt until they nut.   Your first lesson today was how to suck a real man’s dick and swallow his load.  For your second lesson you need to learn that when a man shows you his cock you need to bend over and offer him your hole to use however he wishes. 
 Admit to yourself that the only reason you play sports is so you can see all of the jocks undressing in the locker room and that seeing all those hard bodies fills you with the desire to get on your knees and beg them to use you and fill you with their seed.  Once you realize that you were made to be used by real men as a cum dump, you will be much happier”. 
He started pushing again, and I clenched, it was a reflex action.  He slapped me hard on the right ass cheek and the sudden pain and surprise of it allowed him to shove the huge mushroom head of his cock in me when I was distracted.   “There we go”, he said with a smirk in his voice.  The pain was incredible, my breath was taken away, and I was unable to make a sound. After a moment I almost screamed “take it out, it’s too big”   “Oh it’s not too big, it fits just fine, besides that’s only the tip, you still got 8 ½ inches of raw jock dick to get up in that hole, Brian”. He leaned over and wrapped his hand over my mouth as he started sliding his big thick cock further into my ass.  His hand muffled my screams as he opened me up.  I could feel his dick forcing its way inside me, stretching my hole, the pain was incredible.  Finally I felt his pubes against my ass and knew he was all the way in. “There you go, Brian, your cherry is now fully popped, you are officially a hole, made to be filled with dick, and in a few more minutes your former life as a man will be fully over when I shoot my hot jizz deep up in your new cunt”.  I felt defeated.  John had taken my ass as his own, shown me who the real man was and that what he was telling me was true…my hole was there for his pleasure and use,  I felt him give me a little in and out thrust,” how do you like that Brian, that’s me you feel moving around inside of you?  You have a real man’s meat buried deep up in you”   He thrust again.  "That’s nine and a half inches of my hard cock, stretching your hole.  You’ll never forget this moment as long as you live. From now on every time you walk into this locker room, you will remember the feeling of being bent over with my hard dick inside of you and my hairy balls on your ass”.  As he started to slide his cock back out I knew he would be able to bend me over like this and fuck me whenever he choose.  He was right; I had just become his pussyboy and soon I would be his cumdump.  One of my oldest and best friends was now fucking me like a cheap whore. He started slowly at first, just long smooth strokes in and out of my no longer virgin ass.  He would slowly push the entire length of his cock into my hole, and then equally slowly pull it out until only the big fat mushroom head remained inside me.  I could feel the thickness of his massive rod stretching me out making my ass conform to the length and girth of his meat.  On each downward stoke, it felt like he was getting further and deeper in me.  After a few minutes of this long dicking he changed his pace and started with shorter quicker strokes.  I used to do this to my girlfriend, alternating “rabbit fucking” (short fast and hard) with long dicking.  It drove her wild and now I was getting firsthand experience on why that was.  It was impossible to describe the feelings this stud had created inside of me, at one point, after about fifteen minutes of his cock thrusting in and out of my ass, I realized that the initial pain had subsided.  His cock pounding into me was not a pleasurable feeling, but it was not unbearably painful anymore, I felt full.  I found myself concentrating on the big cock in me trying to catalog the new sensations.  I wanted to anticipate the moment that John would change his strokes and pace.  “Yea, that feels great, Brian, your hole is nice and tight, I can feel my cock opening you up. Your cunt feels better than any cheerleader slut I have used.  Your ass is loosening and accepting my dick more easily, like it was made to be there.  I cannot believe I waited until now to do this to you.  I could I have been fucking you since junior high.  All those sleepovers and the camping trips, you could have already had gallons of my cum deep in you.  Just think of all that time you wasted pretending you weren’t a cock hungry whore needing to be used as a dumping ground for jock jizz.  Over the years our friends and teammates could have been feeding you cock every day after practice.  You would have taken each one of their big cocks in your ass, stretching you out and breaking you in.  Begging our teammate’s to shoot load after load of warm creamy jock cum deep in your guts.   Hell by now you could have already had so many cocks in you that the thick nine and a half inches currently pounding your hole wouldn’t even hurt.  Oh well, I guess we will have to make up for all those missed years”.  He pulled his rod all the way out of my abused ass, and with one forceful thrust, pushed his raging hard on into me balls deep.  As he reached bottom I heard a heavy grunt escape from both of us at the same time.   “Like that, don’t you”?  “Oh my god, I cannot believe I am taking this.”  “Bitch you are taking this cock like a pro.  You were made to have a cock up your ass”.  After a brief pause, he pulled fully out of me and thrusted back completely in with one stroke. 
 After a few more minutes of quick, hard strokes in and out of my ass, he started to talk again “I have to be all gentle with the chicks I bang; they complain that my cock is too big and that it hurts, but a fag like you just takes it. In the past thirty minutes of hard pounding, since I took your virgin ass, you have not complained once.  In fact, I bet within a couple of days you will be begging for me to shove it back in you”.   He started long dicking me slowly again, except that now he would fully remove his big dick from my hole and then shove it back in full depth in one stroke.  I could feel him penetrating my hole with each thrust.  He stretched my opening a little more each time his big fat mushroom shaped head popped into me.   John was going faster and faster as my ass opened up to accept his cock. I could tell that it was getting easier for him to force his huge fuckstick into me, as he no longer needed to aim his cock towards my hole with his hand (both hands were now gripping my shoulders tightly)  he was able to withdraw completely and shove into me as though his dick knew the way.   I could feel my asshole pucker up each time his cock left it, then quickly relax into a gaping funnel welcoming John’s meat back in on each down stroke.
“The other great thing about having a fag like you taking my cock is I don’t have to worry about knocking you up and dealing with a kid. I can dump load after load deep in your warm pussy and you will never get pregnant.”   With that statement he thrust into me one last time as deep as he could grabbing my hips with his big meaty hands, pressing his crotch as tight as he could to my cheeks while pulling them apart.  I could feel his cock twitching and the spurts of cum hitting the back of my hole.  He shot  five times before starting to pull out, as he removed his dick he kept shooting  and I could feel it hitting the sides of my cavity and then once or twice on my ass cheeks as he fully removed his still hard dick from my violated hole.  “Damn dude, that felt great, I like the way your ass grips my cock.  I can’t believe how much cum I shot up in you.   You should thank me, Brian that was a grade “A” load of thick, creamy man juice dumped directly into your guts”.
“Fuck, I can’t believe how good your ass felt stretched out over my cock. I hope you liked it too, because you are going to be getting fucked a lot from now on. I am going to use your hole at least once a day.  You took to that way too easily not to be a natural born cock slut.  Your virgin ass just took a deep hard fucking, and did not bleed, that is a sure sign of a cunt that needs to be filled with cock. Very soon you will be begging men to fill you with their loads”.
As I lay there on my hands and knees looking back at my friend, I was thinking about what he was saying.  A part of my mind was still fighting this, I was not a fag.  I had fucked a lot of women, I was a jock, this was not my idea, and John raped me.  Still… I could not help myself from feeling empty inside and wanted nothing more than to feel the warm fullness of John’s thick cock back inside of me.  John was standing there looking down at me, watching these conflicting thoughts working thru my mind.  Finally my body decided the conflict for me.  I had not cum, and I was hard as a rock, my dick leaking onto the tile floor.  This handsome jock stud was standing over me, his big cock still hard after dumping two fresh loads of jizz in me. I looked him in the eye and he grinned knowing what my choice was.  I broke eye contact first and lowered my head, while arching my back and presenting my ass to him.  I heard him chuckle.
He grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled me to my feet.  His left hand on my shoulder and his right on my hip, he bent me over where I was standing.  “I am still hard as a rock just looking at my warm load dripping out of that loosened up cunt of yours, and after all we need to make for all those lost years when I was forced to jerk off, wasting the loads you so obviously crave.”   With that statement, he shoved his still hard cock back into me fully with a strong forceful thrust.  I could hear my scream echoing off the tiled walls, letting everyone in earshot know that this jock had again taken my ass as his, to use for his pleasure and joy.  Thankfully, we were alone in the gym, as all of our teammates had already left.  
 “Yea Brian, I am going to pound you hard now that you have a thick, creamy load in you, lubing up your fuck chute. You are going to learn quickly that jock cum is some of the best lube there is, and I am going to make sure you are fully lubed at all times.  Since I have already dumped two massive loads in you, this will not be quick.  Luckily we have both been training for just this moment.  I am going to show you the reason coach makes us run endless laps around the field.  It’s to build up our stamina and our leg muscles”.  With his dick inside me balls deep, he cock walked me over to the center of the room and pushed me up against the low wall forcefully. After a brief moment, he started pounding the hell out of my ass using those strong leg muscles to drive his meat deep into me.  He was good to his word and he fucked me long and hard.   After about fifteen minutes of John’s big fat mushroom head pounding on my prostate, I had the hardest orgasm of my life.  The first shot went a good eight feet and easily cleared the low wall in front of me. My balls just kept on producing and I must have shot a dozen times before the orgasm subsided.  I was fully spent and done, but John had other ideas.  “Damn Brian that felt great, your ass clenched down on my cock every time you shot.  I guess this proves you really are a pussy.  Only pussy’s cum while being fucked by a man.  I doubt you will ever be able to cum again unless a guy has his dick in you.  Now that you have shot your load, you probably lost that sexual high that makes you want to have my big cock inside you”.  He was right, now that I had cum, I was done, and wanted to stop.  “Too bad, in your new role as the locker room slut you need to learn that the fucking isn’t over till the jock using you has shot his load.”  Since I was still bent over with nine inches of his raging hard on in my ass, it wasn’t like I had a choice in the matter.  John started sliding his meat slowly outward, when he had only the head still inside, he pushed back in.  With each stroke he picked up speed until he was fucking me as hard and fast as he could. After a few more minutes of his relentless pounding, my own cock started to get hard again.  I think that he was holding back and trying not to cum.  He kept thrusting into me.  The friction of his head against my opening was forcing a reaction in me.  Soon the sexual high was back, and I wanted nothing more than to make him cum.  Towards the end I was begging him to shoot his hot sperm deep in my ass. “John, fuck me harder, I want your load…Please fill me up with your jock jizz.” It must have been over forty five minutes before he finally dumped another big, thick load deep in my guts.  As his cock slipped out of my now well used ass with a plopping sound, I fell to my knees against the wall.  I was exhausted.  My legs felt like rubber and I did not know if I could stand up.  I could feel John’s thick warm cum dripping out of my ass and running down my thighs.  Two hours ago I had a tight virgin ass, now it was so loose; I could not clench enough to keep John’s cum inside.  I heard the shower start up behind me and I looked up to see the man who had just made me his bitch.  He looked down at me and grinned.  He looked great standing there above me, with the water and soap suds running over his hairy chest and down his strong muscular thighs.  I found myself looking up at him in awe, John is a real man, something I will never be, and the closest I can come to being a stud like him is to have his seed inside of me.  Over the course of the past two hours, John has shown me that my life previously was a lie; I was made to give pleasure to this jock, and to let him use my holes for getting off, whenever and however he wanted. 
John turned off the shower and walked over to me.  “Brian, you have a great ass.  It was made to take cock, and I will be filling it with my nut daily for the rest of the season.  I like the idea of having a tight willing hole at my beck and call to use whenever I get horny.  I had hoped to keep your ass to myself, but that was not meant to be.   “What do you mean?  This was just between us.  Please don’t tell the guys.  I don’t want anyone to know about this.  I will do anything you ask, just don’t tell anyone.”  I was literally on my knees begging John.  He looked down at me with a strange mixture of sympathy and lust.  “I’m sorry bro, but it is out of my hands.  Your future has already been determined.  You will be spending the remainder of the season, here in this shower, on your knees sucking jock dick, milking huge loads directly out of men’s balls. You will soon be begging all of your former friends and teammates to fuck you hard and shoot their jizz deep inside your ass.  You are destined to become the locker room cum dump.  I imagine you will be bent over and fucked by jock dick after jock dick.  Your ass will be filled by every dude who wants to bust a nut.  It will be dripping hot creamy jock spooge twenty four hours a day.  Like I said, I would have liked to keep this between us, so I would have a private hole to get off in whenever I wanted to.  I guess I will have to get used to shoving my meat in your well used ass and finding it full of other guy’s jizz.  
I pleaded with him again… “Please don’t tell anyone.  I will willingly bend over for you whenever you ask.  You can fuck me as often as you want.  Just don’t tell the team.”  “Brian, I know you will bend over for me, that was obvious the second you swallowed my jizz.  You were made to take cock and to use your holes to give real men pleasure.  You are wired different, you like it when a man, like me, uses you.  You get off on giving pleasure and taking orders.  I am also pretty sure that you are going to enjoy having the entire team gang banging your hole after every game.   Like I said, it is not in my power to keep this a secret. You see while I was pounding your tight little pussy, we had an audience.  Both Nelson and Rob were standing at the door and saw what just happened.”  He walked over to the entry to the shower room and pointed at the ground, there were two puddles of cum at his feet.  “Based upon the evidence they liked what they saw.  I would guess that you know what their big dicks feel like inside you before the day is out.  
The problem is that if three of us know you are a cock whore, then the secret is out and the whole team will be fucking you before the end of the week, hell, the starting lineup will probably run a train on your ass. There is no way a pussyboy like you will turn down a jock when they come wanting to bust a nut in your hole.   I can tell by the way you were begging me to cum in your cunt, less than an hour after I popped your cherry that you are going to need more dick than even a prime specimen of manhood like me can give you.   Therefore, since my mom taught me to share my toys, I am going out to the locker room and let them know that your holes are available and willing.  If I can’t have you to myself, then at least I can be generous and offer you to my teammates and friends.  Why don’t you wait here while I go and talk to them?  You stay down on your knees; it is a natural position for you now”.
I could not believe this was happening, not only had John fucked me…twice.  My teammates saw it and now knew that I was a fag.  I was desperately trying to think of a way out.  I was contemplating blaming John, saying he raped me.  The problem was I had been moaning his name and begging him to shoot his load in me.  I did not think my teammates would buy me as an unwilling participant at this point.  
The problem became a non-issue when John came back into the shower with Nelson and Rob.  They were both wearing well used jock straps with their cocks sticking out the sides.  I looked up at them and admired how hot they were.  These were my teammates and we all worked hard to be great athletes and our bodies showed the work.  These were prime specimens of masculinity.   Instantly, I knew that I would let them do whatever they wanted to me.  I would not fight it.  I wanted to be used by these jocks.  I wanted their seed deposited directly into me. 
As John stepped up to me and patted my head, he said “here you go guys, one fag, ready and willing to take cock.  I have opened him up and filled him with cum, so you should be able to slide right in.  He stepped to the side and I saw Rob with a wicked grin on his face.  His 8” cock stood straight out.  Rob was thin, but muscular, with dark hair and a dusting of five o’clock shadow.  From behind him I saw Nelson and I nearly choked.  He was a Puerto Rican stud, and he was sporting what had to be a 12” cock.  It looked huge and it was not even fully hard.  The thing hung down between his muscular legs looking thick and beefy.  Nelson stepped up to me “Open up and suck my dick, Brian”.  Without hesitation I took the head of his cock into my mouth and started sucking.   While I was forcing myself to take this monster dick in my mouth I felt Rob move behind me and raise me to a standing (but bent over) position.  He spat on my ass and I could feel him step up and push the head of his cock between my cheeks.   I grunted a little, but thankfully John’s big dick had opened me up and Rob was able to force himself in me without too much pain.  While I was distracted by Rob taking me from behind, Nelson forced his monster dick deeper into my throat.  I gagged a little, which seemed to make Nelson even harder.  He backed off a little, then forced himself back in further.  He was face fucking me and with each stroke he was getting more and more of his twelve inch cock into my throat.  Finally he was balls deep and I had my nose resting in his thick mound of pubic hair, my eyes looking at the waistband of his jock strap.  “Yea boy, you got it all in you now.  I am impressed; you are the first to take the whole thing.”  My eyes were tearing up and I was starting to panic.  Nelsons cock was cutting off my air supply.  Nelson held his dick deep in my throat a few seconds longer then slowly pulled it out.  I gasped for breath quickly before he forced the full length back in me.  Meanwhile, Rob was plugging away on my ass.  “Damn John, how many times did you fuck this boy, he is overflowing with cum.  It is squeezing out of his hole every time I thrust forward.  I gotta admit that your load has lubed this hole up nice and slick; it’s like a perfect fuck chute.  Brian your hole is amazing; it’s all smooth and tight.  Plus Johns cum is making it slick and warm.  I am not sure how much longer I can hold out” He thrust forcefully in my ass a couple of more strokes and I could hear him groan as he dumped his load deep in my abused hole.  As he pulled his semi hard cock out of my ass, I could feel his warm sticky load running down my leg.  “All right that was amazing, I cannot believe Brian is a fag.   I am going to be fucking his ass a lot from now on.  It will be great to have a hole to get off in whenever I want.  Now I want to see him take Nelson’s giant cock”.  Both Rob and John moved to the side as Nelson pulled his cock out of my throat, it seemed like it took forever for the full length of it to leave my lips.  I was shaking slightly and my legs felt like rubber.  “Let’s go out to the locker room, I think this will go better if this bitch is bent over a bench.  It will give him something to rest on while I finish breaking him open”.  Nelson grabbed me by the forearm and dragged me out of the shower and into the locker room.  Both Rob and John followed us out.  I was roughly tossed down on to the bench in the middle of the row of lockers.  “Alright bitch, get your ass up in the air”.  I was face down on the bench, with my hands grabbing either side of the wood.  I arched my back and pushed my ass up in the air to make an inviting target for Nelson.  I had given up and fully embraced my position as a cum dump. I wanted nothing more than to pleasure these studs.   I could feel the cool air of the locker room blowing across my gaping asshole.  Nelson walked up behind me and grabbed my hips with his hands to hold me in place.  The bench put me at the perfect height for Nelson’s dick; he pushed his crotch tight against my ass.  I could feel his cock pointing upward resting on my ass crack.  He started rubbing it up and down, using the cum that was leaking out as lube.  I could feel that his cock was getting harder and harder with each stroke.   In a hushed tone I could hear John say to Rob “This is going to be great, I cannot believe that that huge piece of meat is going to fit in his ass”.  Rob said back “I am glad I got to use his hole first, once Nelson is done with him, you will be able to drive a Mack truck into that ass.”  “Brian is getting his virginity fucked out of him in a big way.  I can’t believe a guys ass can take a pounding like his has, and it’s about to get much worse.”
Nelson continued to slide his rod up and down my ass crack.  Every fourth or fifth stroke he would step back slightly and push the head up against my hole.  I could feel the blunt head pushing up against my asshole and my hole opening up slightly each time the head of his cock pressed up against it.  He kept this up for a few minutes.  As he was stroking my ass crack, pushing the cum up and down between my cheeks, he was whispering how much I was going to like this. “Boy, when I push this big slab of meat into you, you are going to be changed forever.  Once you are opened up by something this big you won’t be able to live without it.  You will start dreaming about my cock, when we pass in the hallway, your pussy will twitch and flex knowing what is just behind the fabric of my sweatpants. You will never again feel complete without twelve inches of thick meat pounding your hole into submission.  You will be begging guys to double fuck you, so you can get the same filled sensation.  I need you to keep this in mind, when you ask me to push my way into you.  Because in a few minutes you are going to ask me to fuck you, and once you do that you can never go back, you will be a pussy boy for life.  All of your waking moments will be consumed with the thought of a big jock dick in your tight little hole.”   He kept up the pace, slowly sliding his dick up and down, and every few strokes he would step back slightly to allow his huge fucking cock to go perpendicular to my ass pushing the tip against my hole.  This was driving me crazy, he was keeping me on the edge anticipating that cock inside of me.  Finally the tension was too much, but to everyone’s surprise it was not me who broke.  Rob blurted out “Fuck Him!”  I could hear Nelson chuckle behind me.  “You don’t just want to shove a dick this big into someone; it will hurt and damage them.”  He spoke as if giving a lesson “If they are hurt it means they will always associate getting fucked by a big dick with pain and they will avoid it.  However if you have a little patience and tease their hole, so that it opens up for you, when you push into them, they will enjoy it.  If you make them want to get fucked, then once they have the cock inside of them, it becomes a reward for good behavior.  Then you can keep fucking them over and over, because they will come back seeking your massive dick again and again.”  As if to prove his point he stopped the sliding motion of his dick on my ass and held the tip right at my hole.  “Brian, I think it is time to show John and Rob that I know what I am talking about”.  He stood still right behind me. “Tell me what you want”. I could not help myself, the hours of fucking, followed by the past 20 minutes of Nelson’s teasing had  warped my brain. “I want it” I blurted out.  “No, you need to tell me what you want, specifically”.  I knew if I said what Nelson wanted me to say, there was no turning back.  I would no longer be one of these stud’s friends and teammates, I would be a worthless cum dump to be used by them and filled with their seed.  I know it sounds stupid that I thought I could still be seen as an equal after both Rob and John had fucked me up the ass and left loads deep inside me.  But in my mind everything that had happened so far had been forced upon me, I had been raped by these jocks.  I looked up and saw two of my best friends watching me with anticipation.  I dropped my head in shame and muttered “please Nelson; I want you to shove your cock in my ass”.  “And once I have rammed my dick in your hole, then what?”  “Please fuck me hard and shoot your load deep inside me.”  As I said it aloud I could feel a little more of my manhood stripped away.  Nelson chuckled a little and said, “Alright Brian force yourself back until I am inside you.”  Not only had he forced me to say I wanted to be fucked by his giant cock, he was going to make me do it to myself.   I found myself pushing back on the cock sitting at the entrance to my hole.  I could feel the tip sliding into me.    It was huge and it took a great deal of effort for me to push myself onto it.  I was sweating and my legs were shaking, but I wanted that dick in me, it had become a need.  Finally the head popped in past the ring.  The pain was incredible.  I stopped pushing and held still trying to get accustomed to his size.  Nelson was having none of that, he grabbed my hips with both hands and started pushing forward.   Slowly but surely inch after inch of cock forced its way deep into my ass.  After what seemed like several minutes, but was probably only a few seconds I could feel his pubic hairs rubbing against my ass and knew that he was fully in me.  My entire body felt taught, I could see the veins in my arms sticking out.  It was like I had just completed a hard workout at the gym.  I could feel moisture dripping down onto my back, so Nelson was also working up a sweat to get that big piece of meat inside of me.  He held his big cock fully in me for a short time.  It was so tightly gripped by my ass; I could feel it twitching slightly, which I realized was his heartbeat.  After a few moments he started to slowly remove the length from me.  It felt like he was pulling me inside out.  My ass was holding on tight to that cock and did not want to release it. When he had pulled it out almost all of the way (only the big mushroom head still inside me) he slid it right back in with one powerful stroke.  He did this for the next few pumps, slowly out and quickly back in setting up a rhythm.  I was moaning softly on every outward stroke and gasping for breath on every inward thrust.  It was so very different from the first two cocks I had taken.  This one occupied my mind fully and did not allow me to concentrate on anything except taking this dick and submitting to Nelson fully.  My only job was to make sure his dick was feeling the maximum amount of pleasure my ass could give.  He started to give me instructions after a few minutes of fucking.  “Alright Brian, your ass is opening up and taking my cock with no problem, all of Rob and John’s cum is helping.  Now the two of them showed you how to let a man use your hole for pleasure.  Your next lesson is to start training your ass to enhance the pleasure of the stud fucking you.  I want you to relax your ass fully when I am shoving my cock into you, open up as far as you can.  But when I start to pull out squeeze down on it, like you are trying to keep it inside.”  I was beyond caring that this jock, my friend and teammate, was telling me how to better serve him while raping my ass.  I was fully committed to making his experience fucking me as pleasurable as possible.  “Yea, now you are getting it.  Your ass is grabbing at my cock and making it feel good.  You are a natural at this.  No one has ever taken my dick this deep and this hard before.  I cannot believe you have not been putting out for us since freshmen year.”  He kept pumping in and out of me for a few more minutes.  Then I felt him tense up, his cock getting bigger (if possible) and harder.  When he finally dumped his load deep in my ass he grunted like an animal and collapsed on top of me.  I could feel his hairy sweaty chest on my back.  I was exhausted, and breathing heavy.  After a few moments he started to pull his cock out of my ass.  It was not as hard now, but still large and long.  It took a few moments to fully extract himself.  Once he was out, I collapsed onto the bench and went limp.  John was the first to speak “Damn Nelson, you really put it to him and showed him who was boss.  I cannot believe he took that whole thing.”  John stepped over to me and slapped me on the ass.  “Alright bitch, I am hard again after seeing you take Nelson’s dick.  I am also curious. I want to see how loose you are now.”  John placed his big meaty hands on each of my hips, and pulled me up slightly off the bench.  The head of his cock slipped up my crack and found the opening to my ass.  He pushed forward with no hesitation.  His cock eased into me in one stroke.  I still winced slightly, but the pain was nowhere near the same as when he first penetrated me only a few hours ago.  My butt had been stretched open and was now able to take John’s 9 ½” cock easily.  As his meat was pumping in and out of me, I realized that now that I was open and filled with several loads of cum, it felt right to have John fucking me.  There was almost no friction and I liked the way John’s cock made me feel warm and full.  His hands grabbing my shoulders for a better grip, gave me a feeling of security.  After about fifteen minutes John released his fourth load deep inside me.  At this point I could not feel his cum shooting in me but could tell by the way he tensed and moaned that he had finished up.  He pulled out and slapped me on my right ass cheek.  “That was still amazing, even stretched out by Nelson, you ass is still tighter than any pussy I have fucked.  I am going to be fucking you daily from now on.  My guess is that you will spend most of your waking hours over the next few months with your ass in the air.  I want you to remember that I am the guy that has shown you your true nature as a cum hole.  I want you to remember that your cherry belongs to me and make sure that no matter how many men want to get into your ass and dump their loads there, you will keep me at the front of the line and make sure I get to fuck you whenever I want.”  With that he went back into the showers to join Rob and Nelson in getting the smell of mansex off of them, leaving me draped over the locker room bench with cum dripping out of my ass.  I finally got together the strength to get up and head for the showers.  As I entered the three of them finished up and walked passed me.  John spoke “make sure you are here tomorrow after practice.  I think several other members of the team will want to join our group.”  With that he left to room and went to dress.  I was alone with my thoughts as the warm water ran down my body washing away the jock semen that was covering my body. 


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